This contains most of the questions that you may have. If you have more, email us at master@archopus.com 
Additional FAQ can be read here 

Why was this started?

Architecture colleges have their own unfortunate lacunae: Outdated syllabus, inexperienced teachers, not enough textbooks and so on. Even students sometimes come in with their own  set of biases and preconceived notions that are hard to remove. This is especially true in India and other developing countries.  

A fuller explanation is on the main page.

Who is this for?

Any student desirous of learning architecture can apply here.  Even  those who are currently applying to an architecture course can be our student. 

Our system is quite useful for practising architects too: They can enroll here to keep in touch with the latest that is happening in architecture. They can also send their employees for a refresher course with us.  

Even teachers are welcome here -- many of them can benefit from the additional material that we have to help in their teaching. 

Lastly, but not least, you can also use our system to find jobs/internships. If you are job/internship provider, you can list your opening with us at a nominal cost.

How do we know that the knowledge you provide here is correct?

We take a lot of care to ensure the correctness of the knowledge being dissiminated here. Nevertheless, architecture is a vast subject and there could be times where inadvertently something incorrect or out-of-date information comes up here. If you believe we are wrong somewhere, we have an excellent chat system that allows you to provide feedback. We will surely stand corrected if we are shown the correct/updated knowledge. 

What are the credentials of the mentors?

We provide the Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter links of all our mentors. You can ascertain for yourself if the mentors here are worthy. The main promoter of this site is Sabu Francis; who is well respected as a professor and an architect . He is also the architect who developed one of the world's first design system for architecture. See www.teamtad.com 

Do you have any accreditation? 

No. We have started only recently. We will be approaching some renowned university and/or professional organization to recognize the work being done by us, in due course of time.

I did not see a registration page. How will I use your system?

Our system uses the excellent Homing Space authentication system. You can easily get yourself a free Homing Space free username in just a couple of minutes. Go to https://homing.space and get that done. There is absolutely no cost to you for setting up your own Homing Space.  You can then use our system practically immediately.

I am confused. Is this free or paid?

This system was started on Aug 15, 2019. It is currently free as the mentors are still onboarding. Once we get three mentors we will be making this a commercial venture. Expect that to happen around end of September, 2019.  

However please note that even if we do initiate our commercial offering; there is absolutely no charges to enter and try it out. Once you just start using this,  the first two week -- at a minimum -- would be free.

Do you have free content? Or is everything paid?

We have lots of free content. Just go through our website and you will get the links. When you join, our chat system will be available to you -- irrespective of you having a paid account or not. However, we reserve the right to respond on chat only to those students who have paid up or are in the first two weeks free period after registering here. 

Potential internship or job seekers can use the job listings here for free.  If you are a job or intership provider, you need to purchase a job-token from our payments page; and then submit this form

How do I use your system to learn? Is there any time schedules, etc?

No. This is a loosely structured mentoring system.  Once you start using our system, you would be given access to the chat, wiki and videos. The chat system is extremely powerful and that would be your main interaction point with us. There are no time restrictions as of now. The status message of the mentors would explain if they are online or busy or unavailable. 

Do I have to download any app to use this?

Not really. But if you want, you can download the excellent Riot app for your mobile or tablet -- That app would easily connect to our system.  The link to http://onelink.to/riot That way you can connect to our system even when you are on the move (but please do not use it while driving, or when walking on the road or when you are supposed to talk to the one you love :-)

You can scan the following QRCode for the app

Do you provide any exam or assesment?

No. This is a loosely structured mentoring system. We do not conduct this like a formally structured training course. At least not yet. Maybe once we get feedback, we may do so. We do have a section on assesment, were we give expert comments on the material submitted by the students -- but that is not really an exam

I think I should tell my teachers about this and show her why she was wrong!

Please do not  do that. It is not nice to tell anyone that they are wrong -- not in a direct, threatening way at least. You should of course tell your teachers about this site -- not to threaten her -- but for information only. Then she and others like her can use the material here as starting points to provide content to you students.

Can I get an account here, and share the same account with my friends/relatives?

I am afraid that would violate the terms and conditions of the system. We hope you do not do that; and instead ask them also to join

Can I download the videos and use it in other places?

You can download the free content and use it the way you want -- with due acknowledgement about us. However you must not share the documents/videos anywhere else.

I want to be a mentor here? How do I do that? Do I get paid?

Thank you for wanting to mentor our students. We have a detailed wiki page on how you can become a mentor here. Once you understand all those conditions and read even the payment terms to you; you can submit the form on this page.